How to Clean and Maintain Your Leather Goods?

Leather bags due to feel good, durable, fashionable high-grade and other advantages, loved by the public, many people have a few leather bags, leather bags and good maintenance and resistance to new and good, bad maintenance is very easy to become old and fall off the skin, plus the natural oils of the leather bag itself will gradually decrease with time, so how to maintain the leather bag? Today let me give some tips to make your bag look new.


      1. Avoid contact with rough and sharp objects

Leather bags to keep soft and comfortable, do not overload the load, avoid friction with rough and sharp objects caused by damage. In addition, avoid the sun in the hot sun, fire or squeeze, do not approach flammable products, accessories do not get wet, do not approach acidic items.

      1. Dirty appear to remove immediately

If the leather bag is accidentally stained, you can use a cotton pad with some make-up remover, gently wipe the dirt, avoid too much force, leaving traces. As for the metal accessories on the bag, if there is a slight oxidation condition, you can use a silver cloth or copper oil cloth to wipe.

In case of moldy leather products, if the situation is not serious, you can use a dry cloth to wipe off the surface of the mold, and then use 75% medicinal alcohol sprayed on another clean soft cloth, wipe the whole leather parts, and ventilation and shade dry. If you wipe the surface of the mold with a dry cloth, there are still mold spots, representing the mold filaments have been deeply planted in the leather, it is recommended that the leather products to a professional leather maintenance store to deal with.

      1. scratches appear available fingertip push wipe

When a scratch appears on the bag, you can use your fingertips to slowly and gently push it until the scratch fades along with the oil on the leather. If the scratch is still very obvious, it is recommended to send the leather products to a professional leather maintenance store to deal with. In case of color loss due to scratches, you can first wipe the color loss area with a dry cloth, then use a sponge with an appropriate amount of leather repair cream, evenly applied to the defective area, let it stand for 10 to 15 minutes, and finally use a clean cotton cloth to wipe the area repeatedly.


4、Weekly regular maintenance

Leather is highly absorbent, some even see the capillary pores, it is best to develop a weekly cleaning and maintenance to prevent stain generation. It is worth noting that the leather bag is the most taboo to encounter water, rainy days to carry out, in case of rain, or accidentally spilled by the water, remember to immediately dry with a dry cloth, not with a hair dryer.


      1. Control humidity

If the budget is enough, use electronic moisture-proof box to store leather products, the effect will be better than the general cabinet. The humidity of the electronic moisture-proof box is controlled at about 50% relative humidity, which can make the leather products kept in a dry, but not too dry environment. If you do not have a moisture box at home, you can use a dehumidifier to dehumidify and avoid excessive moisture at home.



6.crease care

If the bag is pressed out of the crease, you can turn on the hair dryer to the cold air gear, one hand on the inside of the bag, the other hand with the hair dryer against the crease, after blowing with the filler to fill the bag. In addition to leather bags, with this method can also save some of the more delicate leather goods Oh!

7.daily care

The daily maintenance of leather bags is particularly important, a bag if usually very attentive care treatment, with a few years or even decades are no problem, still looks quite quality. If you do not usually pay attention to care, until there is serious damage, even if sent to a professional care store, may not be able to restore the original look.

8.Hardware care

The most easily faded on the bag is the metal accessories and rivets. Just bought back when the hardware is shiny, but with the use of easy to oxidation, black and dark, does not look so shiny at the beginning.

Hardware general ordinary care can use a toothbrush dipped in some toothpaste scrub on the line, or wipe with a special cleaner to wipe the metal, you can also use the finest sandpaper to gently polish off the oxide layer, but the metal part of the rust or breakage and other problems, it is recommended to send to a professional store for care. not squeeze

When the leather bag is not used, it is best to be placed in a cotton bag for preservation, if there is no suitable cloth bag, in fact, the old pillowcase is also very suitable, do not put into a plastic bag, because the air in the plastic bag does not circulate, will make the leather too dry and damaged. The package is also best stuffed with some fabric, small pillows or white paper, etc., to keep the shape of the leather bag. Here are a few points to note: First, the bag should not be stacked; second, the cabinet used to store leather products, must be kept ventilated, but the cabinet can be placed inside the desiccant; third, no use of leather bags to be fixed for a period of time to take out the oil maintenance and air dry, so as to extend the service life. In addition, must be wrapped on the dust bag, placed in a dry and ventilated, there is space not squeezed cabinet, otherwise it is particularly easy to gather dust.

In today's era, whether it is business interactions, or out shopping, leather bags are almost standard. A quality bag, not only has practical value, but also shows the taste of the individual. However, no matter how expensive the leather bag (if not often care, over time will inevitably become dirty, aging, loss of luster, and even broken color), the more expensive things are inevitably branded with time, if you want to make your favorite bag to accompany you a little longer, you have to learn to do it yourself to take care of them.